In a surprise to everyone at last night's State of the Union, the "women in white" (the House Democratic Women's Working Group) stood to applause President Trump's line about women filling 58% of the newly created jobs in the United States economy. 

The women stumbled into the applause slowly, looking around to see if they should before giving a full-fledged standing ovation. While it's odd women would need to question whether or not to applaud for great economic news for their gender, I'm glad to see they dropped the partisan snark and celebrated something for what it was. 

They gave more than one standing ovation when Trump mentioned that "we have more women serving in Congress than at any time before." Obviously, most of the women he mentions are Democrats, but Trump was able to celebrate this as a bipartisan victory and the entire segment of the speech was refreshing. 

We can work together for good things, friends. Keep it up!