2019 has been a good year for American women. The female sex is currently enjoying the lowest unemployment since 1965, holds the majority of wealth in the country, and makes up the majority of voters in nearly every election.
It’s hard to make the objective case for female victimhood these days, but the left is managing to turn empowered, successful women into damsels in need of special legal protection. Long thought dead, the left has resurrected the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which ostensibly grants women equality under the law, in recent years.
With the passage of ERA ratification bills in Nevada and Illinois, the Amendment stands just one state short of capturing the 38th state ratification that could—barring legal problems—meet the Constitutional requirement of three-fourths of states, making the ERA official.
While the basic legal equality of the sexes enjoys overwhelming support from all quarters of the electorate, the ERA is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and could actually have radical impacts on policy far beyond what most Americans think of as equality.
Either the ERA is a symbolic nullity, a mere celebration of the basic legal equality women have long since achieved, or it will accomplish the laundry list of progressive priorities—from vindicating #MeToo to fixing the alleged “pay gap”—its proponents tout, but it cannot be both.