Humanitarian Crisis Fueled By Insecure Border

  • Many migrants undertake a dangerous journey to the U.S. and suffer harm, abuse, or exploitation along the way.
  • Women in particular more likely to be sexually victimized and exploited.
    • One in three women who travel across Mexico in hopes of reaching the U.S. is sexually assaulted along the way.
  • Many migrants bring children with them on this perilous journey.
  • An insecure border propagates an unsafe environment for migrants.

Porous Border Is a National Security Risk

  • A porous border makes it impossible for U.S.border patrol officials to accurately track who enters the country.
  • People from all over the world attempt to enter the U.S. via the border, sometimes from countries with significant ties to terrorism.
  • Migrants and traffickers exploit the weaknesses in our border security and immigration laws; many are coached to seek asylum as refugees.

Solution: Secure the Border

  • The humanitarian crisis and national security risk will only be alleviated when the U.S. acts to secure the border.
  • The U.S. can secure the border by allocating sufficient resources for increased physical barriers to deter migrants from crossing undetected.
  • As a future goal, the U.S. can pursue comprehensive reform that better enforces current laws and fixes our broken immigration system.

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