Chelsea Clinton was confronted – some calling it ambushed – yesterday during a vigil for the 50 souls murdered during the weekend’s terrorist attacks in New Zealand. It’s irrational but they claim that Clinton was responsible for the bloodshed.

However, when you listen to the zealous young woman who accosted Clinton, you hear someone who is full of contradiction and just using the deaths of 50 people for political payback. Even worse, she and her friend tried to use their instant fame and the terrorist attack to raise cash for themselves.

We don’t agree with the former First Daughter on much policy, but we do agree that anti-Semitism is wrong and should be criticized. That last point should be something we all agree on, but yesterday’s episode tells us differently.

A very pregnant Clinton, who is already a mother of two Jewish children, held her composure as two students confronted her for attending the vigil. Unbelievably, they blamed the terrorist attack on Clinton, accusing her recent condemnation of Representative Ilan Omar’s anti-Semitic rhetoric as the driver of this attack

Leen Dweik, an activist and NYU student, who confronted Clinton (while her friend filmed it) said:

“After all that you have done, all the Islamophobia that you have stoked. This right here is the result of a massacre stoked by people like you and the words you have put out in the world … The 49 people died because of the rhetoric you put out there.”

Other protestors reportedly yelled that Clinton “stocked a genocide”

Has Democratic politics gone so backwards that it is apparently acceptable to defend those who regurgigate tropes about Jews and denigrate the Jewish nation? Even more, if you criticize anti-Semitism you are the problem?

Let’s set the record straight. Chelsea Clinton is NOT responsible for the merciless slaying of 50 people by a hate-filled murder. Anyone trying to put this attack on her ought to be shamed for using the slayings for their own political and personal motives.

When explaining their actions, Dweik wrote in Buzzfeed:

“We know that our only safety is through solidarity. The fight against anti-Muslim bigotry is the fight against anti-Semitism is the fight against racism is the fight against white supremacy. When someone attacks one of us, they attack all of us. We know that our struggles are intertwined, and for any of us to be safe, all of us must be safe.

Here’s the contradiction. By her very own logic, Dweik should be accused of what she accused Clinton of. Clinton was standing up to Rep. Omar for her anti-Semitic jokes, tropes, and comments. If this fight against Muslim bigotry is akin to the fight against anti-Semitism, then Clinton was not stoking Muslim-hate using Islamophobic rhetoric but defending against it by standing up for Jews. I doubt Dweik would see it that way which suggests this is not about linking arms in solidarity, but payback on behalf of Omar.

Dweik and her friend have also proven themselves to be opportunists. They were caught trying to fundraise off of the instant success and media attention of their video. A journalist uncovered her tweets begging for money. She now claims it was a joke, but too little, too late.

It’s irresponsible and irrational to accuse Clinton and those who stand against anti-Semitism of being responsible for this and any future terrorist attack against Muslims. Individuals need to take responsibility for their own actions.

Meanwhile, the left needs to wake up to the threat that anti-Semitism, cloaked as racial and religious solidarity, is wreaking in their midst.