Immediate Release
March 27, 2019
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A Conservative Paid Leave Proposal That Is Fair And Flexible
Rubio, Romney, and Wagner’s budget-neutral legislation adds no new taxes and protects Social Security

Washington, DC — Today, Senators Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney and Representatives Ann Wagner and Dan Crenshaw are introducing a bill modeled after Independent Women’s Forum’s (IWF) Social Security Earned Leave policy proposal: the New Parents Act. IWF president Carrie Lukas praised their leadership on the issue:

“Senators Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney and Representatives Ann Wagner and Dan Crenshaw know that an overwhelming majority of Americans care about parental leave and want more workers to have access to paid time off from work. Their bill is built for the 21st century workforce; it expands access to paid parental leave in a fiscally responsible, fair, and flexible way. It would modernize an existing government program that workers already pay into to allow them early access to benefits they’ve already earned. 

“While other paid parental leave proposals would require new mandates and taxes for all workers, the New Parents Act is voluntary, budget neutral, and won’t raise taxes, grow government, or hurt workers’ economic opportunities. This bill is a win-win for everyone: women, families, people without children, employers, and the economy. 

“Paid parental leave is associated with health benefits, family wholeness, and increased labor force attachment. We thank Senators Rubio and Romney and Representatives Wagner and Crenshaw for proposing a commonsense solution targeted to help those who need alternative options after welcoming a new baby.”

Read more about the benefits of the Social Security Earned Leave policy approach at IWF’s SSEL Information Center


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