Immediate Release
April 11, 2019
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Social Security Administration: Rubio-Romney Earned Leave Proposal Doesn't Jeopardize Social Security
SSA says option for new parents to withdraw from future SS benefits does not impact program's financial health

Washington, DC — Carrie Lukas, president of Independent Women's Forum (IWF), issued the following statement on the Social Security Administration's determination that the New Parents Act, based on IWF's earned leave proposal, introduced by Sens. Rubio and Romney would not negatively impact the financial health of the Social Security system:

"Americans want all workers to have access to parental leave, but they don't want new taxes which are unfair to other workers or to displace existing benefit programs. That's why the concept of earned leave—giving workers the option to take a share of retirement benefits they have already earned through Social Security early, after having a baby—is so appealing. Now the Social Security Administration has carefully analyzed the proposal by Senators Rubio and Romney to give workers this new option and shown that it does not impact Social Security's financial health. This should reassure those who worry that earned leave would jeopardize our Social Security system.

"Of course, Americans should be aware that right now, Social Security does have a financial imbalance which needs to be addressed. But that's true today and has nothing to do with the question of whether we should modernize Social Security to give workers more flexibility about when the choose to access their benefits."


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