On IWF’s latest pop up "She Thinks" podcast, I talked to Shoshana Weissmann of the R Street Institute. Shoshanna not only manages the Institute’s social media and email marketing accounts, she also writes about occupational licensing reform and other issues that hurt small businesses. Shoshana’s pieces have been published in various publications, including The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Shoshana also writes about food regulations. In a recent piece in the Washington Examiner, she focused on government efforts to crack down on what we call our foods–as in the names manufacturers give to food products. Yes, believe it or not, this is an important issue to government regulators.

In her piece, Shoshana wrote:

“Across the nation, government food police are launching a crusade against what names we call our food. Whether the food in question is veggie “sausage,” cauliflower “rice,” or almond “milk,” government officials appear eager to restrict the free speech rights of food companies.”

In the podcast, I asked Shoshana why a government agency would even care?

Tune in to hear her explanation of why competition, crony capitalism and good old-fashioned “the government thinks you’re stupid” are the main driving forces behind these regulatory moves.

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