While everyone was focused on Attorney General Bill Barr’s testimony during congressional hearings, conservatives in the House of Representatives were busy doing the work of Congress and released a proposed federal budget.

The Republican Study Committee budget prioritizes policies that maintain our nation’s prosperity, balance our federal budget, reduce government waste, allow families to control more of their hard-earned money, and unleash individuals to pursue opportunity.

What a contrast to the ideas coming from the Far Left, which want to take much more of our money to fund unaffordable socialist programs that will burden our workforce, education system, energy industry, and healthcare system.

Check out our top 5 takeaways from the Republican House budget:

  1. Balance the budget. That means spending within our means to balance the budget in 6 years.

  2. Keep the cuts! Bigger paychecks should be permanent. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act cut individual tax rates for every income level for about 10 years. That translated into $1.9 trillion of our hard-earned money that we got to keep. Unless Congress extends those tax cuts or makes them permanent, they will expire in 2025. Both the White House and conservatives say keep the cuts.

  3. Encourage upward mobility through opportunity and strengthen help to those who need it. Scale back regulations that make it difficult to work or find opportunities such as occupational licensing reforms and financial industry regulations.

For economically vulnerable Americans, strengthen social safety net programs. That includes making Social Security solvent, saving Medicare, and encouraging independence from public assistance by implementing reasonable work requirements for cash, food and housing programs.

  1. Shrink government, but keep what works. Reduce federal spending by $12.6 trillion over 10 years. Explore ways Congress can get rid of the duplicative programs identified by government agencies that simply waste our tax dollars. Reform social safety net programs to root out abuse and fraud.

  2. Protect our nation and our borders. Invest in military readiness and commit $7.73 trillion to national defense over the next decade. Demonstrates a commitment to southern border wall construction with $8.6 billion as requested by the president, enforcing current immigration laws, and reforming immigration laws to fix the broken areas.

The ball is now in the court of House Democrats.

Washington has a chance to work together to pass a federal budget that reigns in spending, ensures our tax dollars are spent wisely, and encourages upward mobility for Americans while protecting aid to those who can't help themselves.

Let’s hope they can put aside partisanship and get the job done.