This week, Christina Hoff Sommers joins the “She Thinks” podcast to bring reason and clarity to the discussion of women’s rights. We examine the legislative talks around the country and the Hill—yes, the left has resurrected the Equal Rights Amendment while also pushing the Equality Act. We talk about the potential psychological dangers girls face when they’re taught to be victims. And finally, there’s a lof of discussion about the Women’s World Cup Team — not only how dominant they’ve been thus far, but whether or not they’re paid fairly.

Christina is an American author and philosopher. Specializing in ethics, she is currently a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. Sommers is known for her critique of contemporary feminism. Her work includes the books Who Stole Feminism? (1994) and The War Against Boys (2000). She also hosts a video blog called The Factual Feminist and a podcast called the Femsplainers.