We’re told by the media and almost everybody in the pop culture that the right seethes with hatred and violence.

Could there be an element of projection in this?

Here is how the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal opens a piece on the brutal beating of conservative journalist Andy Ngo at a Portland, Oregon rally:

Our friends on the left keep warning about the rise of political violence on the right, and we’ll join them in urging prosecution if it happens.

In that spirit we trust the media establishment will denounce the severe beating that a left-wing mob gave to conservative journalist Andy Ngo in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday.

 Ngo, an editor and photojournalist at Quillette, was covering a protest by the far-right Proud Boys that drew a counter protest from the left-wing Antifa.

It was Antifa, angry that Ngo had been reporting on them, that beat him up. The video of the prolonged beating is hard to watch.

The beating left Ngo with a subarachnoid hemorrhage, torn earlobe and battered face. Antifa threw milkshakes, their custom, at Ngo, some of which contained quick-drying concrete.

A group called PopMob handed out milkshakes, though spokesman Effie Baum insisted that the “vast majority” of the milkshakes were consumed. She offered no apology:

Yet Ms. Baum repeatedly declined to denounce the assault on Mr. Ngo. “He’s not a journalist,” she said, and “he was clearly courting that kind of behavior.”

She said Mr. Ngo “antagonizes leftist activists” by filming them and selectively editing his footage. So filming now justifies violent assault?

Ngo is a journalist. He reports, photographs, and publishes articles in outlets such as The Spectator and National Review.

So, what he is is a conservative journalist. Who is every bit as much of a journalist as somebody at a liberal outlet.

Byron York had a must-read piece on “growing toxicity” of the anti-Trump movement in yesterday’s Washington Examiner. What happened to Andy Ngo is part of this. Unfortunately, the toxicity is not just thugs with masks, as dangerous as they are. Byron cites a Washington Post opinion piece by Stephanie Wilkinson, owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Va., that last year refused to serve then-Trump press spokesman Sarah Sanders and her family.

Wilkinson approvingly took note of the incident in a fancy Chicago restaurant where a server spat on Eric Trump, the President’s son and says that in the age of Trump “new rules” apply in public accommodations.

Yes, conservatives, we definitely need civility schooling from the our friends on the left.

What prevents this from being funny, in a darkly ironic way, is that it is becoming increasingly dangerous.