When I talk to someone in the media, they always ask if they can identify Independent Women's Forum or Independent Women's Voice as "conservative" or on the political right. That's fine. But it made me think, why is it that conservative women's groups are always labeled as such, when far left groups are referred to as just women's groups or movements. No one ever called the Women's March, the far left progressive Women's March, although that's what it was.

Our culture affords the progressive world view the privilege of being the normal, default. It's a similar privilege that society came to recognize decades ago that was enjoyed by whites, heterosexuals, Christians, and males.

That's why I wrote the book, Checking Progressive Privilege. In the book, I explore and explain how society surrounds us with messages that define those on the political left as normal and morally right, while excluding and demeaning those on the right. Progressive Privilege doesn’t just harm conservatives; it harms everyone by making society less fair and more polarized and divisive.

Through this book, our website, and social media, we will continually highlight examples of Progressive Privilege from a wide range of sources, including news outlets, talk shows, magazines, commercials, movies, and academia.