Sara Hart Weir is running as a Republican against a Democratic incumbent to represent Kansas’ third congressional district.

In a nasty series of tweets, a progressive activist and political consultant, Elizabeth Arnold, has said that Weir was recruited to run only because of her looks.

Townhall has the series of tweets. Here are a few of Ms. Arnold’s choice remarks:

Nobody expects an inoffensive, seemingly-moderate, suburban mom-type to be a complete radically extreme conservative, right?

They're insidious b/c they deploy a facade of feminism to lend a veneer of acceptability to the GOP's racism, corruption, & antisocial policies.

— Elizabeth Arnold (@Ebetharama) July 29, 2019


"They provide cover for those who abuse the law, ethics, morals, and other humans," Arnold charged. "They dress up policies that abuse our fellow citizens.”

According to Townhall, Weir said that she’s running for office in a political election, not in a beauty contest.

Weir said in a statement to Townhall:

“Until recently, I was a successful, respected President and CEO of the world's largest organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with Down syndrome – a position I took on at the age of 32 because I earned it," Weir wrote. "I helped lead the passage of the historic, bipartisan ABLE Act (the most sweeping disability legislation since the ADA), started innovative public-private partnership coalitions with fellow CEOs, and took our fundraising and team to new heights. 

"On day two of my campaign (for U.S. Congress in Kansas’ 3rd District) to have Ms. Arnold (a former political candidate and now political consultant), demean my life experiences, achievements and track record of getting things done based solely on my appearance (and being a GOP woman) is sexist, uncalled for and insulting to women everywhere.  

"The November 2020 election in KS-3, Sharice Davids v. Sara Hart Weir, will come down to two things – who is better on the issues and who can lead.”

Can you imagine what would happen if a conservative said something like this about a candidate?

Strikes me that elements of the left have become unhinged and have really let themselves go when it comes to rhetoric.

Read the Townhall report.