Stephen Who?
Equinox is distancing itself from investor Stephen Ross in the wake of Ross’s daring to hold a fundraiser in the Hamptons for President Trump. 
Equinox’s executive chairman Harvey Spevak sent a letter to members minimizing Ross’ role in the company and touting a "culture based on equality, diversity, inclusivity, integrity, empathy and mutual respect. A community where everyone is welcome.”
IWF’s Andi Bottner, a longtime member of the luxury gym, received one of these letters. We thought we’d share Andi's response with you:
Dear Mr. Spevak,
I have been a member of Equinox for many years. I arrive at the club before 6am and am gone by 7am on most mornings. I don’t like to linger, I like to sweat and move on with my day.
The early morning routine fits my lifestyle as a political consultant in our nation’s capital. My job is about advocacy, political posturing, messaging, branding, talking points, etc.
As we all know, some members of Equinox were upset that Stephen Ross (Chairman of the Related Companies and major investor in Equinox) had the audacity to hold a fundraiser for President Trump.
In this hyperactive political climate, it has become routine for those who disagree with this president to crush any showing of support for him and insult his supporters.
That is why I was disappointed, but not surprised, to receive your letter a few days ago. You made a point to distance Stephen Ross from Equinox and then emphasize the company’s values of equality, diversity, inclusivity and mutual respect.
Really? What about me? I am a member of the Equinox community; I pay every month to be. However, my personal values are not being respected. I support this president and was happy to learn he enjoyed a successful Hamptons fundraiser this past month.
You assume the recent fundraiser upset all members and probably cannot imagine that an Equinox member might be a conservative. Trust me, we exist, even if your “group think” mindset can’t comprehend it.
Can you remember ever hearing about any business apologizing to clients for their robust support of our former president? I can’t.  That’s ok, Mr. Spevak. Those of us who see the hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness of the left are used to it. We will simply keep sweating it out.
Andrea Bottner