A giant inflated butt was not the only absurd thing at last night’s MTV Video Music Award show. The celebrity commentary on U.S. immigration policy was absurd too.

The VMAs are known for shocking performances and outlandish moments. Let’s not forget when Kanye West announced he was running for president in 2020 (2015), Britney Spears kissing Madonna (2003), and Lady Gaga’s meat dress (2010).

Successful celebrities demanding attention or getting political is nothing new. 

It’s hard to take these artists seriously on policy when a giant inflated butt hangs overhead or dancers prance about with exposed butt cheeks.

However, the night could not pass without something being said about the Trump Administration. Much attention has focused on Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech where she whined about the White House not responding to her petition for a new LGBTQ law. 

However, the more stunning political commentary was a rebuke of immigration policy by an actress who seemed to just be pandering to the crowd.

Moroccan-born rapper French Montana and actress Alison Brie presented the best Latin video award. 

Montana, who came to the U.S. with his family at age 13, made a vague comment linking the award to pride in being an immigrant: 

“I’m so proud to pronounce [sic] this award, because, as an immigrant I feel like, we are the people that make this country and I feel like I want to be a voice.”

Then Brie chimed in:

"What's happening to immigrants in this country is unconstitutional and frankly disgusting.”

Montana added:

"These nominees — and most of them are immigrants, too — are on top of the biggest movement in music.”

Just what “unconstitutional” and “frankly disgusting” things are happening to immigrants according to Brie?

Is she talking about the enforcement of immigration policy that includes removing people who are here illegally and committing (violent) crimes?

Perhaps Brie thinks it’s disgusting that we are securing our Southern Border and trying to stop the flow of migrants crossing illegally.

Surely, she agrees that it's disgusting that children and teens are being “rented” to accompany adults and pose as a family to gain entrance. The kids are then sent back home to be used again. That is downright horrendous.

Add let’s not forget how disgusting it is that women and girls have to “pay with their body” to get the Southern Border — exposing what the New York Times called the “Hidden Nightmare of Sexual Violence on the Border.”

Sadly, I doubt this is what she considers so “frankly disgusting” or unconstitutional.

Let’s be clear. Immigrants do not speak with one voice. Many of us support border enforcement and enforcement of immigration laws. We do not support illegal immigration. There are those who do, but we should not be lumped together. 

The U.S. welcomes about one million immigrants each year. This has been and will always be a nation of immigrants, but it’s also a nation of laws. Actresses and rappers should take note.