Immediate Release:
September 11, 2019

White House Vaping Ban Will Hurt Smokers Trying to Quit
Developing effective policies to keep teens from vaping shouldn't sweep aside useful products

Washington, DC — In response to the announcement that the Trump administration is considering a ban on flavored vaping products, Independent Women's Forum Center for Progress and Innovation Director Julie Gunlock issued the following statement:

"This is terrible news for the millions of Americans who continue to smoke and are desperately trying to quit. We know e-cigarettes help people quit smoking. In fact e-cigarettes are twice as effective as other smoking cessation products, like gum and patches. As for flavors, studies show that it isn’t just teens using these flavors—adults too prefer sweet and fruit flavors. We understand the White House’s concerns about vaping but the administration shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Recognizing that e-cigarettes are a useful tool in the effort to get people to stop smoking shouldn’t be swept aside in the effort to developing effective policies to keep teens from vaping."

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