The small-mindedness on the campus of one of America’s top universities takes my breath away.

Campus Reform, the conservative campus watchdog, went to Georgetown University to ask students who should receive credit for the mission that killed ISIS terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

President Trump, who authorized the military operation and who would have been viciously attacked if it had failed, apparently gets no credit. Fox News reports:

Responses varied, but the general consensus on campus was that the president did not deserve credit for the win in the fight against terror.

"F— Donald Trump," one student emphatically stated when asked whether he would give Trump credit.

"I mean, I guess it happened despite him … He didn't f— it up too bad," mused another female student, who also refused to credit the president.

"I don't think he really knew what was going on and I don't think he really ordered anything," said a third female student.

"I think it's the troops that did the real work [who] deserve the credit," said another student.

Our brave soldiers risked their lives. Yes, they deserve credit. But so does the President. 

The students, unfortunately, are echoing the sentiments of somebody more mature who should have learned how to be more gracious after long years in public life—Joe Biden. Biden quite properly praised the military but his response turned into a rant against President Trump:

But my lord, the president should stay in his lane and listen to the military and not get off on these rants he goes on, about why he's going to pull everybody.

Trump made the decision to go in after Baghdadi. If people such as the former vice president (rumored to have counseled President Barack Obama not to go after Osama bin Laden) have been this nasty in the wake of success, can you imagine twhat they'd have said if the mission had failed?

It wouldn’t have cost Joe Biden anything to be gracious. He could have set a better tone. He would have looked like a big man. And maybe younger men and women at places like Georgetown would have been influenced by witnessing a rare moment of grace from an experienced politician. But the now predictable nastiness is what we got.