These days, a lot of Democratic presidential candidates seem spooked by parental choice in education. Recent research should help put those fears to rest.

Public charter-school parents and private-school parents are more likely to be satisfied with their children’s schools compared to district public-school parents, according to a new study from Brown University’s Annenberg Institute.

Using a nationally representative sample of more than 13,000 students, study author Corey DeAngelis, director of School Choice at the Reason Foundation, finds that compared to parents of district public-school students, private-school parents are up to 30 percent more satisfied with their children’s schools overall, while public charter-school parents are over 16 percent more satisfied. 

DeAngelis also finds that private and public charter-school parents are more satisfied with the teachers, academics, order and discipline, staff interaction, as well as their children’s general enjoyment at their chosen schools.

DeAngelis’ findings add to a significant body of scientific research showing that parents are more satisfied when they’re empowered to choose where—and how—their children are educated. 

When it comes to policies that limit parents’ rights to direct their education and upbringing of their children, DeAngelis says that politicians such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren “should realize that ignoring the preferences of disadvantaged families while calling to limit their educational options is ‘progressive’ in no meaningful sense of the word.”