The minute you saw First Lady Melania Trump’s dazzling White House Christmas decorations, you know what was going to happen, right?

Yeah, the Washington Post and other mainstream outlets would join in a chorus of jeers, mocking the First Lady’s taste in ornaments and trees.

Only this year there was a twist: The Washington Post’s liked the First Lady's decorations but quickly skipped over them to mock at length the coat the First Lady wore. Fox reports:

The liberal paper’s fashion critic Robin Givhan wrote a piece headlined, “Melania Trump’s Christmas decorations are lovely, but that coat looks ridiculous,” which criticizes the outfit the first lady wore when unveiling the décor.

The Post, which called last year’s decorations a “nightmare forest,” spent a single paragraph complimenting this year’s “lovely” edition before pivoting to disapproval.

“For her tour, Mrs. Trump wears all white: a dress with a simple jewel neckline, white stiletto-heeled pumps and a white coat. The coat is draped over her shoulders as she strolls through the White House,” Givhan wrote. “The coat looks ridiculous.”

The fashion critic said “the coat is a distraction” and “a discomforting affectation taken to a ludicrous extreme.”

Givhan went on in this vein at some length.  

Givhan fawned over former First Lady Michelle Obama's every dud or doing. 

Twitter responded to the ungracious Post piece.

IW’s own Lisa Booth tweeted:

The Wall Street Journal’s Bill McGurn:

Mollie Hemingway:

We should be glad that the First Lady is a lady.

She is able to rise above the unfair treatment she routinely receives.

But it can't be fun.

Oh, well, at least Ms. Givhan, in a bow to innovative coverage, has broken the tradition of lambasting the Trump White House decorations.