IWF and PragerU just joined forces (again) to release our new video, "How Big Government Hurts Women." 

Women so often hear that bigger government is going to solve all their problems. From Elizabeth Warren to Bernie Sanders touting government-paid-for child care and paid leave, and new regulations in the name of equality, the Left is constantly selling their agenda as necessary for women to thrive. 

Our video proves that this is simply wrong.

The reality is: These big-government mandates don’t help women thrive. They backfire, leading to less opportunity, choice, flexibility, and freedom.  

This video is just one of the many ways IWF is pushing back against the women-as-victims narrative and correcting the record about how policies actually work in practice and principle.

We are making the case for more freedoms, expanded opportunities, and limited government every day in the media, online, and through our educational, enlightening, and engaging materials. And we invite you to take a look at all we’re working on, starting with this thought-provoking video.

Watch our new video, and see for yourself how big government hurts women.>>>