I grew up in Arizona in a family that never really had an interest in sports. We casually followed baseball (especially when the Arizona Diamondbacks played in the World Series in 2001) and golf (mostly this was on Sundays on mute while my dad took a nap on the couch). Yet, one sport I never understood, liked, or watched was football.

That all changed when I married my hardcore Wisconsin-born Greenbay Packers fan husband who came with an enormous football-loving family.

Today, I still don’t really enjoy watching the actual game of football, but I do cherish its auxiliary benefits. For instance, I love seeing my daughter and son share in the anticipation and excitement of a game. I enjoy doing our special “touchdown dance” while wearing cheese heads and acting absolutely crazy. And don’t even get me started on the food – things like cheese dip, hunks of cheddar cheese, string cheese (all made in Wisconsin, of course), smoked meats and sausages, cheese curds, more cheese, and often things that require a crock pot or a casserole dish. Did I mention cheese?

So, while I might not be glued to the television set watching the football game, the family camaraderie that football creates often overwhelms me with joy and gratitude.

As we head to Wisconsin later this month to celebrate the holidays, I look forward to watching those I love enjoy the game. You’ll find me enjoying the benefits that go along with it—like this Wisconsin favorite that is sure to please any football-loving crowd:

Cheese Curds


Open the bag of Wisconsin Cheese Curds.

Pour your cheese curds in a bowl.

Set the bowl of cheese curds on the table.

Refill your bown of cheese curds as needed (often)!


Merry Christmas and GO PACK GO!