Patiently Waiting on Santa

Christmas 1981
Landover, MD
Age: 6

I unwillingly go to bed at about 9pm after reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and drinking what was probably my fifth cup of deliciously creamy eggnog. I was always fascinated with the fact that I didn't like eggs at all but somehow managed to love this "egg drink." It was like a dessert so… it was okay! My older sister, Yolanda, lie in the twin bed next to me and I talk long into the night about what I wished for Santa to bring. With every noise made outside, I would jump to look out the window—hoping to see Santa's sleigh with tiny reindeer in the sky. I would look hard into the night sky to see a flashing red light but…it wasn't him. He hadn't made it yet. I never wondered much about how Santa could get to the "hood" and into our two-bedroom bottom floor apartment without a chimney. I just knew that he would. In the wee hours of the morning, the harassment would begin. I'd repeately ask my sister if it was time yet. My poor sister.

3 a.m.: Is it time?
No…go back to sleep.

4 a.m.: Is it time?
No…go back to sleep

5 a.m.: Is it time?
No…go back to sleep

6 a.m.: Is it time?
She remained quiet for a moment after opening her eyes.
Slowly…a smile forms onto her face.
It's Time!