Immediate Release:
January 2, 2020


FDA Move to Ban Flavored Cartridge-Based E-Cigarettes Will Hurt Smokers Trying to Quit

Washington, DC — In response to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) new rule banning companies from distributing most fruit- and mint-flavored vaping products, Independent Women's Forum Center for Progress and Innovation Director Julie Gunlock issued the following statement:

"I’m thankful that President Trump is trying to find a compromise by banning flavors for cartridge-based e-cigarettes, not tank vaping systems, which are mainly sold in independently run vape shops. That’s good for the owners of these small vape shops and their employees.

"Yet, these bans won’t stop teens from experimenting with e-cigarettes, which is the White House’s ultimate goal, and, sadly, it might make it difficult for former smokers to stay smoke-free if consumers can’t access the flavors they prefer.

"The Food and Drug Administration should reconsider these bans. Vaping products have done more to help smokers quit than any other innovation in the marketplace today. That’s a public health win that shouldn’t be reversed."


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