Call me stodgy, but I’ll just admit it: preschool kids are too young to be dragged into the gender wars, in my opinion.

But a taxpayer-supported nursery school in Brooklyn is doing just that. New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser blew the whistle on this experiment in a stunning column.

The school is Brooklyn’s PS 58. The gender material occurs in a study course prescribed by Black Lives Matter. Peyser notes that some of the topics outlined are “unobjectionable.” But the ones regarding gender are:

Then there’s Principle No. 6: “Transgender Affirming,’’ Clark writes. “Everybody has the right to choose their own gender by listening to their own heart and mind. Everyone gets to choose if they are a boy or a girl or both or neither or something else, and no one gets to choose for them.”

And. No. 7: “Queer Affirming.’’ The principle here is that “everybody has the right to choose who [sic] they love and the kind of family they want by listening to their own heart and mind.’’

While most adults are fine with their children loving whomever they wish, introducing the loaded term “queer’’ to young ones is a deal-breaker, as is telling tots they can be any gender they choose, make up a gender — or possess no gender at all. These kids are too young to fully understand their own bodies, let alone gnostic gender ideology.

Expectedly, the program also seeks to instill a victim mentality. There is Step 12:

“There are some people who think that women are less important than men,’’ the teacher writes. “We know that all people are important and have the right to be safe and talk about their feelings.’’

Yes, of course, they must be safe. But this is ideology pure and simple. It makes nobody safe and merely hinders kids' being well-adjusted and happy in a diverse society. Peyser notes:

The teacher fails to identify these phantom fiends who devalue females, or “Black Women,’’ injecting division and suspicion toward pre-kindergarteners along gender lines, as well as racial ones.

The teacher admits to being an activist and that some of her activism may seep into the classroom. But she brags that she doesn’t deal with BLM’s “national demands” in the classroom because they involve “more adult ideas.” (And gender identity is not a more adult idea?)

Here are some of BLM’s national demands:

  • “Hire More Black Teachers”
  • “Counselors Not Cops”
  • “End Zero Tolerance” [This aims to halt punishments, including suspensions and ­expulsions, for kids who commit school ­infractions, based on the idea that these penalties are handed out disproportionately to minority students.]
  • “Mandate Black and Ethnic Studies K-12’’

The innocence of children, so hard to preserve in our culture, also matters. As do parental rights. What a travesty.

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