Rush Limbaugh announced today that he’s been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. This is heartbreaking news and very sad day for all of his longtime and loyal listeners.

I’ve been listening to Rush since my early years in college. Even then, nearly 30 years ago (yikes!), college campuses were, for the most part, unwelcoming to conservative kids.

Rush offered a respite. In the safety of my dorm room, I’d listen to Rush on the radio, sometimes with my ear pressed against the speaker so I wouldn’t be outed as a conservative republican, or worse, a Rush fan! I was often late to class or missed class completely. And you know what? That’s okay because Rush taught me more than any of my lefty professors combined. 

On hearing the terrible news, Republican Congressman Chip Roy from Texas tweeted that Rush has been a part of his entire adult life, adding, “He was anti-establishment before it was 'cool'.”

Rep. Roy’s tweet immediately brought me back to my dorm room, squatting next to my bed with my boombox pressed against my ear listening to Rush tell me it was okay to be conservative, to believe in traditional values, religious freedom, a constitutional right to bear arms, a strong military, free markets, lower taxes, a smaller administrative state, and the simple fact that America was a wonderful place to live.

Prayers for a speedy recovery, Rush!