Good news, moms! The EPA just released its list of disinfectant products that have qualified for use against coronavirus. Most of the items have names I’ve never heard of but there are some products I recognize like Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Lysol Heavy Duty Disinfectant. Take a look at the list before you head to the store to stock up.

Weirdly, what’s missing on the EPA’s list are things like essential oils, “natural” cleaners, and organic food. But, I thought those things cured everything!

What also seems to be missing is the dangerous advice from the “all natural, chemical-free, organic everything, I love my kids more than you love your kids” mommy blogger brigade. Of course, they might just be too busy making our own hand sanitizer (groan…don’t do this!) and bedazzling their facemasks to offer any advice on deadly, infectious diseases (although that never stopped an anti-vaxxer).

Yet, it is interesting that my quick search of some of the most popular “natural” mom blogs resulted in nothing on coronavirus.

I expected the normal stuff—a blog advising moms to cover oneself in organic cabbage leaves to prevent infection, or some fact-free post about how putting essential oil your palms each day will protect you and those around you from falling ill. But no. I found nothing.

Not even Mamavation—arguably the wackiest and worst site for mom advice—failed to produce any information on coronavirus. I guess their bloggers are too busy telling women to risk cancer by skipping the sunscreen. Nice folks, those Mamavation bloggers.

It’s funny that when it gets serious, the very unserious “natural” mommy bloggers go silent. They know they’re out of their depth on these matters so perhaps it’s best that they return to what they know best– granola recipes.

As for me, I’ll be referring to the EPA list to guide my purchasing of cleaners that can kill the coronavirus. Keeping my family safe is important and using the advice of actual experts will help me do that.