This is one of those instances in which a picture is worth a thousand words.  Brian, one of my dearest friends’ husband, is an emergency room doctor and sent her this picture of his “work uniform.”  During a time when we do our best to practice social distancing and to avoid crowds and even friends, our doctors and nurses continue to provide essential medical care.  As my friend put it, these healthcare professionals, “bravely carry on doing what needs to be done, even though what needs to be done … may come at personal risk.”

Doctors and nurses are the heroes of this time.  While my kids and I have the luxury of (and responsibility to) crossing over to the other side of the street upon meeting a neighbor, our healthcare providers are putting on surgical masks and serving our sick.  While the rest of us telecommute, they head to work, knowing there is a high probability they will care for someone who has the coronavirus.  While we try to follow the CDC’S guidelines to “avoid close contact with people who are sick” and to “put distance between yourself and other people if COVID-19 is spreading in your community,” healthcare providers are called on to do the opposite. 

The healthcare profession is undoubtedly an uncomfortable place to be—near to suffering, injury, and death.  And yet, that is the place where our doctors and nurses—where Brian, my sister, sister-in-law, and cousin along with thousands of others—choose to be. 

This week, healthcare providers across the country have begun to test positive for the coronavirus.  Two doctors in Washington State and New Jersey are in critical condition.  While we do our part to follow the CDC’s guidelines, praying our precautions will help to flatten the coronavirus curve, let’s also remember to pray for our healthcare workers.  Let’s pray that the Lord strengthens and protects them, that He gives them wisdom and skill, upholds them with His right hand, and grants them peace as they care for our communities.