Across the country, individuals and communities are banding together to get through this crisis. People are looking out for their elderly and immuno-compromised neighbors while our local and national governments continue to work and figure out how best to address the coronavirus threat. 

Another bright spot has appeared as companies and individuals are using their resources to join the national effort to battle the virus. Countless restaurants are donating food to at-risk individuals or hospital staff while celebrities and even this six year old donate to help support those struggling because of unemployment and more due to coronavirus. 

A recent development is the mobilization of alcohol producers to make hand sanitizer. From perfumeries in France to distilleries in Atlanta, many are working to provide hand sanitizer to the hospitals that are on the front lines, battling this disease. 

Anheuser-Busch recently announced it would join the movement: 

What a wonderful show of solidarity in a time when our country is often bitterly divided on a myriad of issues. Even without any federal order to produce needed medical supplies to fight the spread of this virus, the private sector is stepping up. 

In times of crisis such as these, we see each others’ true colors. Some are price gouging on needed materials while others donate their time and resources to join the communal effort against this virus. 

As we’re confined, maintaining the needed “social-distancing,” let’s celebrate all those who are stepping up for our communities and country today and become inspired to help in whatever ways we can.