Katie Pavlich has a must read column up on Townhall listing a few of the items Nancy Pelosi and the Senate Democrats want added to the coronavirus relief bill.

Nancy’s 1,000-plus page behemoth of a bill include everything from demanding corporations publish salary information on all employees, broken down by race (natch) and a bail out for the post office, to hikes in the minimum wage and a permanent paid leave entitlement.

Pavlich also finds a number of non-germane environmental causes that Nancy and her pals want to fund:

  • Full offset of airline emissions by 2025
  • Publication and reporting of greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights
  • Study on climate change mitigation efforts

Here are more from IWF:

Nancy’s liberal wish list has nothing to do with giving Americans the relief they need right now. Businesses are closing; people are losing their jobs. The original bill—negotiated by republicans and democrats was narrowly focused to provide that relief. Yet, pressured by the left wing of her party and remembering the mantra to never let a crisis go to waste, Nancy and her Democrat colleagues scrapped that bill and the good will and bipartisanship that went with it.

Perhaps democrats aren’t hearing from their constituents. Perhaps they’re unaware of the economic crisis that’s already here. In my own town, the Chinese restaurant from which we regularly order has let go half of their staff. A local preschool sent a note out to their enrolled families asking them to still pay tuition despite the school being closed so that they can still pay their teachers and support staff. Another friend of mine—a physical therapist—has lost all of her clients. I know of several women who clean homes who are struggling now that their clients have cancelled.

But it isn’t just that these add-ons have nothing to do with giving Americans relief in an economically uncertain time, it’s that many of these provisions will harm businesses trying to recover after this is all over.

Imposing a nationwide 15-dollar minimum wage on small businesses already on the verge of closure isn’t going to help them recover. Nor will it encourage them to hire. Even larger corporations will suffer under Nancy’s bill. News broke this morning that airlines are considering shutting down altogether because of Coronavirus. How will imposing unrealistic emissions regulations help them recover when people decide to start traveling again?

Sadly, this is business as usual for Democrats in Washington. The fact that they are using this bill as a vehicle to impose onerous regulations on an already struggling business sector tells you everything you need to know about them. They don’t care.