by Christian Toto, Just the News contributor, featuring IWF’s Julie Gunlock.

Few celebrities speak louder on behalf of the #MeToo movement than Alyssa Milano.

The “Charmed” alum uses her massive Twitter flock, some 3.6 million strong, to slam Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, proclaim “Believe All Women,” and demand better conditions for women in and out of Hollywood.

That made her silence on the sexual abuse allegation lobbed last month against former Vice President Joe Biden both unexpected and, to some, troubling.

The progressive star’s silence suggests partisan politics are as much a factor as the credibility of allegations, according to several right-leaning voices. Even some fellow liberals have denounced Milano’s inability to call out a key member of her own party.

Julie Gunlock, author and policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum, applauds the #MeToo movement’s initial triumphs, including Hollywood’s efforts to rally for the cause.

“It has helped to illuminate this important issue,” Gunlock says, but adds Hollywood’s connection to the cause worried her from the start.

“They no doubt knew this was happening,” Gunlock says of convicted movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior. 

“There were open jokes about this in Hollywood,” she adds, including a jab by Seth MacFarlane during the 2013 Academy Awards telecast. Addressing the five nominees for the best actress award, the Oscars host quipped: “Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.”

“At the time they were quiet about things they knew and saw,” Gunlock says, including members of the industry’s #MeToo activist vanguard.

Gunlock praises Milano for admitting sexual abuse allegations deserve a robust hearing — with a presumption of innocence. The actress’ timing, though, is troublesome.

“Too bad she couldn’t afford Kavanaugh any of that same sentiment,” she says.

Gunlock doesn’t think the silence from Milano, or from her Hollywood peers, will do much damage to the movement, though.

“The media doesn’t hold anyone accountable,” she says, noting that such stars will get nothing but softball questions on the subject from a friendly industry press content to give them a pass on their apparent double standard.

To date, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and haven’t covered Milano’s Biden response.