A week or two ago Doctors Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx would likely have made it onto any survey list of most admired Americans.

But now Dr. Birx is coming under attack from the women of “The View.”

As usual, when the ladies attack, the tone is ugly and personal (via Townhall):

On Monday, Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin were chatting about President Trump’s now-infamous “disinfectant” comments, where he suggested that disinfectants may be a potential cure for COVID-19.

He’s since walked it back as a joke. Hostin said that some of the blame had to be directed to the experts around him who failed to stand up and correct him. Goldberg asked Hostin if she believed that Dr. Deborah Birx, for instance, was “part of the problem.”

Hostin was incensed that Birx had suggested in a recent CNN interview that the media was to blame for controversial “disinfectant” comments because they kept talking about.

“And I believe at this point Dr. Birx is complicit in what’s going on because when there are times like this, good people with integrity need to stand up and need to speak truth to power,” Hostin said in frustration. “You can’t be complicit in a time like this, Dr. Birx, and so I think she has become part of the problem. I mean, we had her on our show, I believe April 15th? She said a lot and said nothing. It was like one big word salad.”

Hostin noted that Birx does have a “storied” career, but that she is now “losing her integrity.”

Got that?

Dr. Birx is not merely mistaken about something. She didn’t just see something differently from the way Goldberg and Hostin see it.

No. Dr. Birx is “losing her integrity.” She is “complicit” in evil and does not “speak truth to power.” She is “part of the problem.”

The noticeable thing about Dr. Birx (in addition to those fabulous scarves!) is that she comes across as a professional who can put aside whatever personal views she holds and work for science-based solutions to the pandemic. Here is her biography from the Society for Science and the Public.

Birx, who is married to a prominent Democrat who has served as an advance man in numerous campaigns, has gone out of her way to make her job on the COVID-19 taskforce about the science. She does seem to work with the President in a professional and cordial manner, but we don’t know what the Sphinx-like doctor thinks about him. That is as it should be.

And that’s what bothers the women of “The View,” who have stooped to making an attack of a highly personal nature on a respected scientist. Hey, I thought it was Republicans who hated science!

And, of course, so much for respecting the professional achievements of an impressive woman.