Some activists claim that climate change poses a threat similar to coronavirus.

And are pushing for dramatic, sweeping changes to public policy and human activity.

Most scientists agree that climate change is real, and human activity may contribute to some degree.

Yet, climate change is not comparable to a global pandemic.

Climate change is something to understand, not fear. We all want a healthy planet.

Contrary to the popular narrative that disaster looms, the earth has actually only warmed one half of a degree in forty years.

The predictions of great human suffering due to global warming have not occurred.

And while the sea level has risen, it has been at a very slow rate.

Despite this, some policymakers are pushing to severely limit and even ban fossil fuels and replace them with renewable sources.

This approach is not realistic.

The renewable energy sector isn’t capable of meeting today’s energy demands.

The Democrat-proposed Green New Deal would have no measurable impact on the climate, but would damage our economy and hurt low-income families the most.

We should consider other options like expanding nuclear power or carbon capture and storage.

Both are promising solutions.

The U.S. is already the global leader on the environment.

We can help the rest of the world by sharing our expertise and technologies.

Innovation, not regulation, is the key to fostering a healthier planet.