America Has Become Dangerously Dependent on China For Many Critical Goods

  • Today, the economies of America and China are intricately entwined, via trade and investments. 
  • The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dictates that all businesses serve first and foremost the strategic interests and directives of China’s regime. This lends itself to predatory pricing, intellectual property theft and debt-trap diplomacy, through which China uses private business deals to entrench and expand its reach.
  • The current China-spawned coronavirus pandemic, in which China at the outset dangerously misled the world, nearly monopolized the global supply of protective medical gear, and then threatened to withhold critical medicines from export to the U.S., has clarified that even tougher measures are urgently needed.

China Has An Expanding And Aggressive Military

  • When Xi Jinping became president, he stressed his desire for a “strong military” to achieve “the great revival of the Chinese nation.”
  • His policies emphasized the modernization of the military and the expansion of its reach, which today entails advanced cyber warfare forces, aircraft carriers, hypersonic missiles and more.
  • China has been using its growing maritime capabilities to bully and threaten Japan and Taiwan while making territorial grabs from other neighbors in the South China Sea.

The Rising Repression of China’s Techno-Tyranny Threatens Human Rights

  • China’s regime regards such basic rights as free speech, or freedom of assembly, as threats to its power, and punishes those who try to exercise them.  
  • China’s recent experiments in repression include the establishment of brain-washing concentration camps for Uyghur Muslims in the western part of the country, along with the more traditional prisons and labor camps to which dissidents can be consigned. 
  • The government uses ubiquitous surveillance, censorship, and a system of “social credit” to help keep people in line. Dissidents sometimes simply disappear.