By: Chris Woodward featuring IWF Staff Julie Gunlock

Online learning has become the norm for many households during the COVID-19 pandemic but one mother says old-fashioned paper and pencils have not fallen out of favor. 

While some parents and students are okay with working on tablets and computers, Julie Gunlock of Independent Women’s Forum says online learning is failing her own children even though she appreciates that process used by private schools, charter schools, and homeschooling families.

“And there are even some charter schools that do entirely online learning, and I think in many cases they are very effective,” she says. “The difference is that parents are a part of that process and are welcomed into that process.”

Gunlock tells OneNewsNow that one of her sons prefers using pencils and paper, especially when it comes to math, but his teacher offered to walk him through an online system instead.

Gunlock insists she’s not the only parent in her school district who feels this way. After writing and posting a commentary about her family’s challenges, she heard from parents thanking her for addressing the issue.

“I actually offered a policy proposal where parents be given a choice: all tech or some tech,” says Gunlock. “I don’t believe that this is too much of a hurdle for schools to take on, and I think that schools should be flexible and should give parents some flexibility as well as students.”