By: Emily Larsen featuring IWF Staff Inez Stepman

Four years ago, President Trump made an unprecedented splash in American politics by rejecting political correctness, pledging to stand up to the left-wing mob, and running on upending the Washington, D.C., “swamp” political culture, all in brash style.

But as civil unrest sweeps the country, some conservatives are frustrated. Trump is not doing enough to counter the cultural revolution that took root over the last few weeks, they say, and neither are other Republicans and groups on the Right.

The underlying principle of the protests has “nothing to do with police brutality, very little to do with George Floyd,” Inez Stepman, a senior policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum, told the Washington Examiner.

“This is clearly a pivotal point in our country’s history where we’re seeing the mainstreaming of the idea that America was never great,” Stepman said, as well as the idea “that slavery — not liberty and not 1776, not ‘all men are created equal,’ but slavery — is the cornerstone of our republic.”

Because Trump is president, she said, he is in the best position to counter that argument directly. She suggested he make a speech defending Western civilization on Independence Day in front of Mount Rushmore or the Lincoln Memorial.

Trump hasn’t completely ignored the social upheaval. He called on armed forces to break up protests outside the White House and threatened, but refuses, to nationalize the National Guard to do the same in other cities facing violent demonstrations.

“Right now, I think it’s great sitting back and watching this catastrophe,” Trump told the Daily Caller when asked why he hasn’t sent the National Guard to Seattle to stop its anarchist, police-abandoned “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” Trump said, “When I watch, it’s showing how bad that city system of government is because they’re all leftist Democrats running all these places that have these problems.”

“Not only is President Trump the jobs president, he’s the law and order president protecting our nation from radical left-wing Democrats. Against all odds, President Trump has reshaped and solidified a conservative firewall to protect this country against the socialist policies that have come to define the Democrat Party,” he said.

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