Forty eight years ago, Congress passed Title IX to expand opportunities for women and girls in education.

Since then, according to the World Economic Forum, there has been “a 545% increase in the percentage of women playing college sports and a 990% increase in the percentages of women playing high school sport.”

This explosion in women’s sports is due to the creation of separate single-sex teams for male and female athletes. That progress now is in jeopardy.

In Bostock v. Clayton County, the U.S. Supreme Court held that sex discrimination occurs any time biological sex factors into an adverse decision.

Under this reasoning, any policy that distinguishes between males and females could be considered discriminatory.

Bostock involved employment law. But courts apply the same principles to all federal sex discrimination laws, including Title IX.

Martina Navratilova says that in competitive sport “sex segregation is the only way to achieve equality for girls and women.”

When males are allowed to compete on women’s teams that have limited roster spots, women lose out. And, in head-to-head competitions, female athletes will lose to male-bodied athletes most of the time.

This is not equal opportunity. This is male dominance.

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