European feminists mostly turned a blind eye to physical attacks on women by Middle Eastern and African male immigrants in 2016 in Cologne and other European cities.

As IWF’s Carrie Lukas wrote then the subject of immigration from societies that have not developed liberal, western ideas about the status and rights of women is an uncomfortable one.

Instead of confronting an uncomfortable topic, mainstream feminists in Europe simply ignored it. When scores of women were attacked on New Year’s Day in Cologne, they coped by refusing to acknowledge it.

Apparently, this ostrich-like approach is beginning to face a challenge.

A fascinating article entitled “The Rise of Right Wing Feminism in France,” which appears in the American Conservative, describes a different kind of European feminist, who will look unflinchingly at this admittedly uncomfortable issue.

They call themselves “Collectif Nemesis,” after the Greek goddess of revenge. Alessandra Bocchi describes them:

In France, the birthplace of revolutionary movements, a right-wing strand of feminism is starting to emerge, which is at least on a theoretical level, consistent.

They call themselves “Collectif Némésis” (Collective Nemesis), Nemesis being the Greek goddess of revenge. These female activists describe themselves as “identitarian feminists.” 

They started receiving media coverage on November 23rd, 2019 when they organized a rally in France to denounce immigrant violence against women. They were met with opposition by left-wing feminists.

The differences between these two movements are evident. Right-wing feminists protested against “feminicide,” a word popularized in Europe in reference to female homicide.

The right-wing feminists were opposing the rapes and assaults committed against women by Muslim migrants in Europe, using examples from Cologne, to Rotherham, and others, holding signs on how migrants commit 52 percent of rapes in Ile-de-France. This was a figure taken from a study conducted in France by the National Observatory of Delinquency.

In contrast, left-wing feminists protested against Western patriarchy. They were topless on the street with their bodies covered in painted words such as: “Domination, Masculine, Tremble,” and “Destruction of the patriarchy.” But they failed to denounce or even mention the problematic view many immigrant men have towards their feminist perspectives. As a result, identitarian feminists proudly call themselves, “the thorn in the side of mainstream feminism.”

. . .

The young woman managing the French identitarian feminist social media page asked to remain anonymous. She is in her early 20’s, like most of the women in the movement. She told TAC that their movement supports important feminist battles as the right to vote, the right to open a bank account without the authorization of a man, and the right to defend oneself against sexual harassment and assault.

In this sense, right-wing feminism is consistent with first and second wave feminism, but it opposes the inherent contradictions of third-wave feminism which sees opposition against immigration from predominantly sexist cultures as xenophobic. These young right-wing feminists see a bleak future for themselves in French society, which they believe is being taken over by heavily misogynistic cultures.

Nemesis feminism is a secular movement that honors the achievements of western civilization but there are hints that it maybe disturbingly hospitable to France’s Marie Le Pen.

This is the only report I have read on the rise of France’s new feminists. It is a movement well worth watching. Leave it to France, the home of Simone de Beauvoir, to start what just might be the next wave of feminist theory.