A New Paid Leave Entitlement Won’t Help Address A Pandemic

  • Many progressives are using the pandemic to push a new government entitlement to paid sick leave and paid medical and family leave.  They argue that a paid leave entitlement could help “workplaces and communities respond more effectively and equitably” to a pandemic.
  • A government entitlement to paid leave, however, is unlikely to prevent or effectively limit a pandemic.  Studies have not shown that such entitlements significantly slowed the transmission of infectious disease.
  • In fact, states that have adopted paid leave entitlements, like New York and New Jersey, have generally fared worse with respect to various measures of the severity of the pandemic.

A Paid Leave Entitlement Would Harm Working Families

  • A new government entitlement to paid leave would impose serious costs on working families.
  • Sick leave mandates are associated with lower wages, particularly in sectors that employ low-income workers. After the passage of San Francisco’s mandate, nearly 40 percent of employers who had not previously offered sick leave reduced employee compensation. 
  • A paid family and medical leave entitlement would require a significant payroll tax increaseRecent research also raises serious concern that such a program would transfer income from low-income to higher-income families, because low-income families would pay higher taxes but are less likely to receive benefits. 

There Are Better Ways To Support Paid Leave

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