Many on the left don’t believe that the rules (or laws) apply to them and we can see why. Because it is “woke” for government agencies to show deference to favored socially conscious political causes, social justice warriors are getting away with wrongdoing while those holding different viewpoints are getting the book thrown at them. The latest example of this hypocrisy: a blue line on the road. 

Staten Island artist Scott LoBaido painted a blue line about the width of a yellow street line on the median strip in front of a local police precinct to show his solidarity with the police department. (LoBaido has reportedly also provided the proceeds of other paintings to causes helping the children of police officers.)

Instead of elected officials flocking for photo-ops in front of the line, the Department of Transportation threatened legal action against him. He did not obtain a permit before painting the art.

The irony is neither did New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who made national headlines when he joined other city officials and volunteers in painting Black Lives Matter (BLM) mural on the street in front of Trump Towers. Elected officials and protestors have been celebrated by the media for painting massive social justice slogans on city streets. 

Even worse, rioters and extremists have defaced public and private buildings and gotten away with their crimes. This man, however, faces a fight with the government for exercising the same rights that BLM supporters did when they painted street art. 

If the blue line constitutes defacement, shouldn’t New York City’s BLM murals as well? 

Woke culture only excuses law-breaking as long as it serves certain ends. Illegal BLM murals and graffiti supposedly advance the cause of equality as a BLM protestor who later defaced the blue line suggested. These crusaders assume they are morally superior to those who support law enforcement. Not only is this a double standard, but it furthers the vicious divide in our nation. 

As Americans, we are not on mutually exclusive teams. This is not ‘Twilight’ where you’re either on Team Edward or Team Jacob.  A person can support policing reforms to ensure that a death like George Floyd’s does not happen again, but also support the men and women of law enforcement who put their lives on the line each day, responding to emergencies, protecting communities, and stopping and solving crimes. 

It’s important that we call out hypocrisy and double standards. If painting political art on our streets without permission is permissible for one cause, it ought to be allowed for all causes. Otherwise, enforce the law equally.