Last month, more than 300 current and former professional, Olympic, and collegiate female athletes signed a letter to the NCAA urging the sports association to protect fairness in women’s sports by ensuring that women’s sports are protected for biological females. Many of the female athletes who signed on did so anonymously to protect themselves from being bullied or worse, from being fired from their jobs. But in the latest display of liberal intolerance, Vox Media-owned LBGT sports blog Outsports outed their names, publishing them without permission.

“Despite what some may say, this is not a witch-hunt,” Outsports wrote of its decision to dox the female athletes. “We sought these names in the public interest, because those who stand in favor of discrimination ought to be held accountable.”

Signatures of the letter do not support discrimination against transgender athletes or any individuals. In fact, they argue the opposite—that forcing female athletes to compete against biological males is discriminatory against women.

“Fairness for female athletes should not be a political or partisan issue,” the athletes wrote in the letter. “We athletes have diverse views on many topics, but stand united on this fact: protecting the integrity of women’s sports is pro-woman, pro-fairness, and consistent with the purpose and promise of Title IX.”

The 300+ female athletes wrote to the NCAA board of governors urging them to reject calls to boycott Idaho over its new law that prohibits male-bodied athletes from participating in girls and women’s sports.

The letter asks the NCAA not to give into “bullying tactics” that are “antithetical to the NCAA values of respect, fairness, and civility” by moving its scheduled competitions to another state.

Doing so, the athletes argue, would “send a chilling message to women across the U.S. about the NCAA’s commitment to the integrity of women’s sports.”

A vast majority of voters agree with their cause by a 3-to-1 margin, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen. The poll found that only 21 percent of respondents believe biological males should be allowed to participate in women’s athletic competitions. The mainstream media, however, would have you believe otherwise.  

Despite over 300 current and former female athletes—including former professional tennis player Martina Navratilova—signing onto the letter, there’s been a media blackout of the effort to protect women’s sports. Publicly doxing these athletes’ names in the name of “tolerance” apparently isn’t worth mentioning, either.  

The only mainstream media coverage you’ll find on the issue is from the perspective of a transgender athlete who is suing Idaho over its new law protecting women’s sports. That student athlete is being represented by ACLU, Legal Voice, and another private law firm, and was recently profiled in The Washington Post and Sports Illustrated.

Alliance Defending Freedom, on the other hand, is representing two female track athletes from Idaho State University who are bravely stepping forward and defending the Idaho law by filing a motion to intervene. These athletes, Mary Kate Marshall and Madi Kenyon, were forced to compete against biological boys in their last track seasons.

While the media will hardly mention their names, Independent Women’s Forum interviewed Mary Kate and Madi, along with ADF attorney Christiana Holcomb last month.

“I competed against this transgender athlete twice and both times I lost and it was really hard for me to lose against a biological male,” Mary Kate said. “And I know it was really hard for me to see my teammates who trained super hard every day to lose against that athlete too.”

“It’s just very discouraging and very frustrating because when you’re at the collegiate level, you’re training as hard as you can…and you know that the biological male is doing the same thing, but due to the biological differences between the male body and the female body, they triumph over us in athletics,” added Madi.

So when we get beat, it not only bumps us back, but it bumps the other girls back and it’s that unfair advantage that they have. And you see girls getting bumped off the podium and it’s super discouraging and it’s extremely unfair.

Looking at media coverage (or lack thereof) of the effort to protect women’s sports, it’s be easy to think Mary Kate and Madi represented a fringe minority. But in fact, they represent the dominate views of American voters.

The fact that the media can ignore a story of 300+ women asking the NCAA to protect women’s sports and a LGBT website doxing their names explains why most Americans now say news organizations “do not understand people like them.” In this case, the media doesn’t even pretend to try. Instead, they work to shape the views of the American public through selective reporting and omission. But on an issue as basic as protecting women’s sports for biological girls and women, it won’t work. Polls say common sense will prevail: Allowing male-bodied athletes to compete with and against female athletes is both unsafe and unfair.

If you want to stand with Independent Women’s Forum and demand rules that protect fair play, sign our petition and make your voice heard.