You can’t make this up.

Black Lives Matter of Seattle is suing the besieged city to provide them with protective gear so they can continue to turn city streets into a combat zone.

Good Heavens—now we have to provide riot gear to the rioters?

The suit alleges that protestors have been subjected to the “unmitigated violence” at the hands of the Seattle PD, and thus they require “expensive protective gear.”

The BLM plaintiffs say that the SPD …

…wields power and pain on the streets by indiscriminately shooting toxic substances in the air, deploying projectiles at departing protesters, and tossing blast balls into close areas of protesters marching.

These tactics make safe protest prohibitive: one needs an exceptional amount of protective gear to enjoy that freedom.

The way to enjoy the freedom to protest is to protest peacefully, BLM. You do not need riot gear to protest peacefully. This demand takes the coddling of “mostly peaceful protestors” to a new level.

You’ve got to hand it to BLM: this takes gall. Portraying themselves as victims, they then ask the city to finance the disruption of civic order.

I’m taking bets on whether the suit will succeed, and, unfortunately, given how weird things have become, I’m imagining it could go either way.

Finder’s Fee: Beth Bauman of Townhall.