Details of China’s criminal negligence and coverup in its handling of the cornavirus — and how this negligence allowed the virus to become a deadly pandelic — continue to mount. However, the full story of how the World Health Organization (WHO) actively assisted Bejing with this coverup has not yet been told. In her chapter in the Center for Security Policy’s groundbreaking new book Defending Against Biothreats, Claudia Rosett, a foreign policy fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum and an award-winning journalist, discusses in depth how the WHO and Director-General Tedros mishandled the novel coronavirus by issuing false assessments of its infectiousness and by inaccurately praising Beijing for its initial steps to combat the disease. Rosett discusses how the WHO’s disappointing record in addressing the coronavirus threat represents China’s success in coopting the international organization, how the WHO mishandled other global health threats, and how institutional mismanagement and corruption has continued for years.

Below is an updated version of Rosett’s chapter the Center will be publishing this fall in a second edition of this important book.

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