By: Hallie Lauer featuring IWLC Director Jennifer Braceras

In the midst of trying to formulate a plan that would allow students to safely return to campus amid a global pandemic, colleges and universities across the country have also had the task of realigning their Title IX practices involving sexual violence against students to match new regulations.

U.S. Secretary of Education, Besty DeVos announced the new plans in May and required that they be implemented by Aug. 14. These new regulations have received mixed opinions from schools and advocacy groups.

Ms. DeVos said in a news release put out by the Department of Education that the regulation change was necessary because it “restores balance to the scales of justice in our schools.”

Many are saying that the main difference between Ms. DeVos’ new rules and the rules enacted under the the Obama administration is that now they are backed by the force of law. They also set new standards on participation by those accused.

“The regulations really just codify what appellate courts across the country have been saying for years now,” said Jennifer Braceras, director of the Independent Women’s Law Center. “Which is that colleges and universities have to provide basic fair process when they adjudicate … in the disciplinary context and in Title IX.”

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