One of my pet peeves is that because of the sorry state of American journalism we don’t know much about the people we see “peacefully demonstrating” in American cities.

In the 1970s, the old Washington Post “Style” section would have dispatched reporters to talk to these protestors. The reporters were liberal and snarky—but we got information.

Now, we just see reporters standing in front of burning buildings explaining that the protest is “mostly peaceful.”

Living in a post-journalism world, we have little information about the protestors. Only a few reporters, such as Andy Ngo, are intrepid enough to report on, say, Antifa (and been brutalized for doing so).

With all this in mind, I want to say: Kudos to PJ Media for providing rare information and insights into the life of a prominent Antifa warrior, who has definitely made their mark in Portland.

Meet Alice Phallus, Antifa protestor and “life skills coach” for New Avenues for Youth, a program in Portland for homeless and drug addicted youths, including meals, showers, educational programs, job training and “social justice enterprise.” It is conveniently located near an Antifa gathering point for peaceful protests.

Alice is (are?) multi-talented:

Alice also has another side-hustle. When she’s not rioting and acting as a life coach for street youth, she also doubles as a “devil” under her stage name “Alice Phallus” at the popular downtown club “Dante’s Inferno,” a live music club which features a “F*ck Off Facists” sign on the side of the building. The kids must dig it.

Her Instagram page advertises, “Catch my devil act tonight at Sinferno! Still plenty of time to get here 😈 mention my stage name at the door and you get in fo free!”

Alice, who has also gone by the more mundane Alice Elizabeth Johnson, was among 14 who were arrested the other night. But don’t worry about Alice:

The woman, who just celebrated her 28 birthday – Happy Birthday, Alice! – was charged with interfering with a Portland Police officer. She was let off on her own recognizance and required to post $0.00 bail. Zero. That’s a nice birthday present from the new DA.

The press refuses to tell us about the “demonstrators” who are making our cities unsafe, and the law doesn’t interfere with their innocent pleasures of destroying the livelihoods of hardworking business people, who are reduced to seeing their shops go up in flames.

Here’s the question: Does the media refuse to tell us about everyday heroes like Alice because they are afraid of them? Or because they don’t want us to know the identities of the young idealists who are destroying our civic life? Discuss among yourselves.