Remember when concerned adults worried that being unfairly raked over the coals by almost the entire mainstream media could have a bad effect on Nick Sandmann’s future, including college acceptance?

Sandmann, you’ll recall, is the young man who smiled awkwardly as Native American activist Nathan Philips beat a drum in his face in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Sandmann had come to D.C. with classmates from his Catholic high school in Kentucky to take part in the national pro-life march 2019.

“Outrage arose after many stories falsely portrayed the Catholic students as the aggressors,” notes Nick’s Wikipedia entry. Some of the kids received death threats. So, it was a vindication for Nick when he sued several media outlets for defamation and received undisclosed settlements from CNN and the Washington Post. (More defamation lawsuits remain unresolved.)

Well, the good news is that, despite his travails, Nick Sandman has been accepted by a very good school, Transylvania University in Lexington, Ky., a highly rated liberal arts school, the first college west of the Alleghenies (Transylvania was established in 1780; the founding was supported by Thomas Jefferson). It has many distinguished alums. So, congrats to Nick!

Not everybody is so pleased:

An American Civil Liberties Union official in Kentucky chastised Transylvania University over the weekend for accepting Nicholas Sandmann as a student, calling the move a “stain” on the institution.

“Does anyone else think it’s a bit of a stain on Transylvania University for accepting Nick Sandman [sic]? I’m sure it’s a “both sides” defense, but it’s pretty counter to their mission and another instance of there not actually being equal sides to an issue,” ACLU’s Samuel Crankshaw said in a Facebook post, according to The National Review.

The comment has since been taken down.

. . .

An assistant professor and diversity scholar at Transylvania Unversity, Avery Tompkins, shared a comment on the post before it was taken down, calling Sandmann’s “public behavior and rhetoric atrocious and uninformed,” adding that the young student must accept his class as gospel, The National Review reported.

Mr. Tompkins went on:

“If [Sandmann] were to cause problems by being disruptive, trolling, or engaging in unethical behavior of any kind, I would immediately document it (just like I would for any student doing the same thing)” Tompkins said, according to the photos.

Is “diversity scholar” meant to be an ironic title?

One also loves Mr. Crankshaw’s name.

(Tompkins has since apologized.)

Transylvania, as I said, has a distinguished history and I hope you join me in congratulating Nick on being accepted by a fine institution.