It’s called the March for All Women, it takes place Saturday afternoon on the steps of the Supreme Court and the theme is “I’m With Her.” The “her,” in this case, is not Hillary Clinton, who once used the phrase in her 2016 presidential campaign. The “her” this time is Judge Amy Coney Barrett as she awaits a vote on her nomination to the highest court in the land.

Hosted by the Independent Women’s Forum, the event includes Fox News contributor Sara Carter; Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin,Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action, author and talk radio host Tammy Bruce, and Heather Higgins, CEO of the Independent Women’s Voice, an affiliate of the host group.

“We should be able to all stand up and say that this accomplished, impressive woman deserves to be treated with respect. Yet the so-called women’s movement is standing by while the mainstream media questions if Amy Coney Barrett can be a Supreme Court justice and a good mother, in addition to vilifying her background and her faith” says Ms. Bruce whose work is featured in The Washington Times.

But wait, organizers of the massive Women’s March — which drew a million women to the National Mall in 2018 — are also planning an afternoon march in the nation’s capital on Saturday, a project that includes a “mass texting” outreach for their cause and 400 other sister marches in all 50 states.

“We need to cap off Trump’s presidency just the way it started — with massive, women-led resistance,” organizers say.

“The Women’s March is a picture of today’s feminist movement. It purports to speak for all women, but it ignores all of the women who reject its extreme progressive agenda,” counters Carrie Lukas, president of the aforementioned Independent Women’s Forum