Independent Women’s Forum fully supports the Department of Health and Human Services proposed rule that would require the Department to assess its regulations every 10 years to determine whether they are subject to review under the Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA). Importantly, if regulations under the RFA are not reviewed by the Department in a timely manner, they will expire. 

The Regulatory Flexibility Act has long been in place, but often agencies like HHS fail to review their regulations. Considering the wide range of responsibilities for HHS, it’s important to ensure those responsibilities are being carried out in a way that maximizes benefits and minimizes costs. 

As the HHS press release states: “This proposed rule seeks to increase transparency, public participation, and democratic accountability.” 

This is a laudable goal that all government agencies should adopt. Such common-sense government reform should be supported by all Americans because it will enable the agencies that provide so many services throughout our country to be more effective and efficient with our taxpayer dollars. 

This proposed rule will help HHS to keep itself accountable to best serving the American people through its wide range of responsibilities which include food safety, drug approval, adoption and childcare, and more. 

Independent Women’s Forum understands the importance of creating checks and balances to help our government run more efficiently. We support the HHS Proposed Retrospective Regulatory Review and call on others to do the same.