In response to a letter sent last week about the Parent Protection Pledge (please sign the petition here), a teacher responded to me via email explaining what she faces from her school leadership and how she rejects the notion that she needs to bring politics into her classroom.

I am a Public school teacher and I DO NOT teach the blasphemous crap they pass off as truth. 90% of my students are from immigrant families and they did not come here because this was a bad country. I invite my parents in my classroom. I want them to be involved and know what I am teaching their child. 

I have been in trouble for mentioning Sen. Tim Scott’s grandfather’s story. I was berated by my principal and called a racist. I am fearful to say anything that might be considered Republican, even though I am a conservative 

This is my country, I am proud of my country (we have a history, but we are making it better). I want my students to understand why the USA is the best place in the world to live!!

This is so distressing and yet it gives me hope for today’s students. I suspect the majority of teachers are more like this woman—doing their best to teach accurately in a hyper-political age. She understands that America isn’t perfect and wants to teach both the good and the ugly yet she also wants her students to recognize that one of America’s great strengths is its citizens’ desire to improve. 

As parents, one thing we should recognize is the good public school teacher who remains stuck within a difficult system and who faces enormous pressure to conform. If you recognize one of these teachers, talk to them, show them support, and praise them for the thankless work they do to help children gain a solid educational foundation and an appreciation of our country. 

While this woman might represent the majority of teachers today who quietly do their job under difficult conditions, this demographic will likely shrink as those who simply want to teach no longer feel welcome in the profession.