This week, protesters seized the U.S. Capitol, setting off a day of utter chaos and anarchy.

We must keep fighting for a better country, but not like that.

There are very serious issues at stake right now, and we are ready to move forward and fight for a better country. We urge you to join us.

A lot of issues are certain to come up, but here are 5 key issues that we know will be critical during this new year:

  • Education Freedom
  • Progressive Privilege/Cancel Culture
  • Economy and Tax Policy
  • Workplace Freedom
  • Free Speech and the Media

We want to know which of these issues are most important to you. Take this short survey so we can hear your thoughts.

Your voice matters to us, and we are proud to provide a forum for you to express your thoughts and concerns freely and without judgment.

Here’s to working together to create better and brighter days ahead.

Let us know which issues you want us to prioritize so we can chart a new course for this new year. Click here to share your thoughts.