WASHINGTON, DC—This week, the cancel culture mob came for its latest victim, popular baby sleep consultant Cara Dumaplin, for donating a thousand dollars in support of former President Donald Trump. 

As a mom of four, a neonatal nurse, and wife to a pediatrician, Cara founded Taking Cara Babies to help new parents struggling to get their newborns to sleep through the night.Despite her business and social media platforms being entirely apolitical, cancel culture trolls doxxed her by sharing screenshots of her donations from FEC records to build a rapid online harassment  campaign to punch her for supporting the outgoing president—essentially an attempt to destroy or ‘cancel’ her business.

“Americans should be able to engage in politics without fear of personal or professional backlash,” said Kelsey Bolar, senior policy analyst at Independent Women’s Forum and a new mom. “It’s hard to imagine parents defining their children by who they donate to or how they vote, so why is it acceptable to do it to others?”