“You’re on a waiting list and we will let you know when a vaccine is available.”

Guess what, Fairfax County, Virginia? TOO LATE.

I just learned that my 71-year-old father has COVID-19 and my 80-year-old mother is symptomatic. My mother has other major health issues including a heart condition and asthma. 

I feel helpless and very angry.

In Northern Virginia, where I live, the local public school administration has been a disgrace throughout the entire pandemic (my colleague Julie Gunlock has written about school closures and virtual learning in Northern Virginia here and here). There is no talk of going back to in-person learning anytime soon. In fact, the head of the Fairfax County teachers union recently said schools should remain closed until every child is vaccinated, failing to mention of course that the FDA has yet to approve the vaccination for children. Perhaps that’s the point. 

Despite this, public school teachers have been deemed vaccination priorities! Yes, that’s right, the ones sitting in the comfort of their own homes with no forthcoming plans to return to in-person learning are the priorities. 

This is a testament to the selfishness and corruption of the teachers union at the expense of my elderly parents and others like them. It’s one thing to give the vaccine to teachers who will soon return to school (finally). It’s another thing to give them priority while the teachers union works to keep the schools closed.


I’m angry, and you should be too.